Welcome to Unlock Value at PRKA, a website created and hosted by Marlton LLC ("Marlton") as a means of making publicly available certain announcements and other materials prepared by Marlton, addressing matters in connection with Parks! America, Inc. (OTC: PRKA).

In our letters, we outline our suggested change in capital allocation and corporate governance that we believe is needed to put PRKA on a path that will reward stockholders:

1) Return of capital of $1,500,000 through either a Special Dividend of $0.0201 per share or a Modified Dutch Auction Tender.

2) ​Form a Special Committee of Independent Board Members to explore all strategic alternatives to maximize stockholder value, including the disbursement of a Special Dividend, Modified Dutch Auction Tender and/or the sale of the Company.

Marlton, a long-term significant stockholder of Parks! America, Inc., owns over 5.0% of the outstanding shares. Marlton acquired a position in the Company because we believe PRKA's public equity trades below its intrinsic value, and that PRKA has opportunities readily within the control of the Board to substantially increase stockholder value through changes in capital allocation and corporate governance.

January 14, 2019 Marlton Letter to PRKA Board of Directors

December 17, 2018 Marlton Letter to PRKA Board of Directors